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Scott Shelby Bio



    50,000 miles a year! Fitting description of a trucker
or a traveling gypsy, and I guess Scott Shelby is a bit of both,
but primarily he is singer/songwriter.
Touring around the South Central U.S. with a 5 piece band and
across the nation solo acoustic, he has opted to create his career
the hard way…on his own. One radio station, one venue, one performance,
and one fan at a time. And it’s finally taking shape!
   Growing up in the churches and coffee houses of Texoma-Land,
Scott watched his mother and grandfather singing Gospel and playing
songs written by Patsy Cline, Doug Stone, Merle Haggard, CCR, Garth,
Seger and others of the like. Unknown to himself or his relatives,
Scott was absorbing it all like a sponge and cataloging it somewhere inside.
   Fast forward past the times where Scott would sneak in to his parents
room and steal his father’s guitar from out of the closet, past the bloody,
tired fingers, past the awkward fledgling songs trying to take flight,
past the years of teeth cutting at open mics and coffee houses, past
the independent record releases, past the countless auditions, past
the years of touring, past the Texas A&M and Oklahoma State education and see Scott where he is now, driving cross-country to another show in his old rig!

    Now, an artist in his own right, Scott travels the states performing
his own style of music that he describes as “American Alternative Country.”  A Scott Shelby Live show is truly a dynamic experience. One moment reckless rock, and the next an intimate acoustic pin drop moment. While most of his performances these days are backed by his melody-driven band, you can still find him by himself on a stool with a guitar or keys getting back to the basics.
“In whatever case”, Shelby quotes his Idol Sean McConnell, “It’s all about
the song. That never changes. It always starts with an acoustic guitar or piano and a notepad. The lyrics are the point. The story is central.”

    These days, Scott has decided to set up shop in Pittsburgh, PA to focus
on growing the regional following his fresh and authentic southern sound
inspired thru years of touring, in hopes of finally emerging as a standout artist with roots firmly planted on the East Coast! 




    Stop and listen to any of Scott Shelby’s lyrics and you know a bit about him.  Listen to his albums and you will almost feel like family. Whether at his home office, in a hotel room, or in the passenger seat of his rig, Scott is always writing.
  Scott Shelby was born and raised in the small town of Denison, Texas,
just North of the Dallas city limits & South of the Red River, and really learned to write & play with his good friend Dustin Perkins. It is that upbringing and small town influence that Shelby credits toward allowing him to cultivate his unique sound.
  Shelby’s taste in music always swayed toward an alternative country-blues feel, but his true-to-life testimony of heartache, trials, triumph, and success are finding a home in country music!


​                                                      Song and Soul – Scott Shelby LIVE​

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